Manna Regulatory

If you want to be successful in Regulatory Affairs

Manna Regulatory

If you want to be successful in Regulatory Affairs

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Provides +12 years of global experience in Regulatory Affairs of agrochemicals.

Regulatory Affairs Consultant in the North Zone of EU.

Local consultant in Denmark, Sweden and Norway with a broad knowledge of national requirements and languages.

Provides professional consultancy services within mutual recognition, label preparation, article 43 renewals, risk assessments, liaison with national authorities, preparation of study summaries, label extensions etc.

Project Management in EU projects.

Offers complete packages for Agrochemical or Biocide approval in SouthEast Africa.

Facilitates the timely approval of plant protection products in SouthEast Africa with minimum effort from your company.

Ensures time is saved during optimisation of the approval process in SouthEast Africa because the dossier is professionally presented with the correct documentation the first time.

QA professional consultant providing independent audits to assure compliance with GLP regulations and OECD guidelines.


    “I worked with Marianne extensively during my period working for Cheminova in Asia and Africa. Marianne is a very diligent and thorough regulatory specialist with experience across many crop protection markets and sectors. Marianne is very approachable and works efficiently to deliver.”

Rob King Rob King

Managing Director at Adama Agricultural Solutions UK Ltd
February 5, 2016, Rob was senior to Marianne Thuen but didn’t manage directly

“As President Region International in Cheminova a/s Marianne Thuen Jakobsen was in my regulatory team. She is very knowledgeable, pick up new information fast, efficient & effective in her work. In addition she is very good at creating good networks both internally & externally with authorities and peers in the industry. She contributed strongly to the business and the team & I highly recommend Marianne as consultant.”

Mats Edh Mats Edh

Global Sales Director at Agriphar

March 1, 2017, Mats was senior to Marianne Thuen but didn’t manage directly

    “I thoroughly recommend Marianne Thuen in any regulatory consulting project.”


Consultant for registration of agrochemicals and fertilisers. Formerly Agrilex SA and Agrilex UK Ltd at Self-employed

August 4, 2016, Marianne Thuen was a client of FREDERICK’S